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Gay elephants

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In his Dec. Thirteen elephants, according to In Defense of Animals, have died at the L. Zoo, many of them before they reached the age of 20; the natural life span of elephants is years. Despite his youth, Billy already shows signs of aging and hardship. Beyond suffering from tail abscesses and other infections, he has developed a stereotypy -- a repetitive head tic that is indicative of severe duress commonly found in confined animals and humans.
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Are there any homosexual animals?

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Gay elephant sparks anger in Poland - Telegraph

Lots of animals engage in homosexual behaviour, but whether they are truly homosexual is another matter entirely. During the winter mating season, competition is fierce for access to female Japanese macaques. But it's not for the reason you might think. Males don't just have to compete with other males for access to females: they have to compete with females too.
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Seven species that "go gay"

The chance to experience positive social interactions is important for captive animals. The amount of positive or negative social interactions that occur within groups of captive animals can be used to evaluate the welfare of the group and determine how compatible the individuals may, or may not, be. In the wild, elephants live in related, multigenerational herds that consist of mainly mothers, daughters, and their offspring. However, in captivity, they are often kept in groups of unrelated individuals, which could reduce the quality of their social interactions, and thus their welfare. Here, we recorded the social interactions between elephants in two groups of four captive female Asian elephants; in one group, all of the individuals were related to one another, whilst in the other, only two out of four individuals were related.
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Okay, fine -- elephants aren't people. But they're like people in a lot of ways, and on World Elephant Day, that counts for something. And yet around 35, of these pachyderms were killed in alone, and there's a continuing demand for their valuable ivory tusks.

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