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Why Choose Physicians Plaza Surgical Center?

We are proud to offer quality care, specialized equipment, and advanced technology in a safe, family-friendly environment.


Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable

All inquiries related to accounts payable or accounts receivable should be directed to SCA Central Business Office, Attn: Sandra Thigpen, Director Revenue Cycle. Sandra can be reached at 972-421-4838 or via email at Sandra.Campbell-thigpen@scasurgery.com

SCA Central Business Office
Attn: Sandra Thigpen
8700 Freeport Pkwy #160
Irving, TX 75063

Medical Staff Affiliation

Requests for Medical Staff affiliation can be obtained through SCA Clinical Services, Attn: Sharon Kimbrough, Medical Staff Services Manager (Sharon.Kimbrough@scasurgery.com; 205-623-7517). An alternate contact is Deborah Stombaugh, SCA Credentialing Resource Services Manager (Deborah.Stombaugh@scasurgery.com; 503-566-8989).

Patient Charts

Copies of patient charts can be obtained by contacting Courtney Thompson at 317-805-4673 or via email at Courtney.Thompson@scasurgery.com, Sara Coller at 317-805-6292 or via email at Sara.Coller@scasurgery.com.